Activated Communities. 
Healthy Ecosystems. 
A Better World.

Astig Planning was founded to address one core question:

How are we going to plan our communities and care for our ecosystems in a changing climate?


Our Answer: Together.

Whether we are analyzing increased flood impacts on communities or co-creating racial and social equity, 

we approach every project with this question in mind. 

Let us discover solutions together that uplift all members of our communities and enhance our natural resources.

Who We Are

Committed to Creating a Better World.

Astig (pronounced ah-STEEG) is the Tagalog (Filipino) word for 'fresh, bold, unique'. We believe that in order to resolve society's tough issues we need fresh, bold, and unique ideas and strategies.

Our planning services are aimed at transforming communities and landscapes through engagement, empowerment, and advocacy.

Astig Planning works toward a world of activated communities, healthy ecosystems, and lasting equity. A world in which those most impacted by today's social problems are at the center of creative, community-based solutions that lead to full and dignified lives.

We are Proud to be a Certified Targeted Small Business.


We are Womxn-Owned and Operated. The state of Iowa recognizes that it is important to promote and support businesses like us! One more reason why we love this state and want to do climate justice work here.

What We Do

We are bridge builders

We believe that planning can be a force for positive change in our communities. As a field of practice, planning has a history of enacting policies and procedures that further disadvantage already marginalized communities. Here at Astig Planning, we practice environmental and community planning that acknowledges the resultant barriers and complexities of our society today. In order to serve our communities, we believe in creating plans that build bridges between decision-makers and community members that increase transparency, cultivate action, and deepen trust.