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Learn about me as a consultant and the services that I offer. If you are interested in services not currently offered, please reach out to me at

Pronouns: They/Them

CEO & Founder

Community & Environmental Planner

Bachelors Degree, Environmental Studies

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Masters Degree, Urban & Regional Planning

University of Iowa



V Fixmer-Oraiz

My Story

My name is V Fixmer-Oraiz. I have been working in the environmental sector for over a decade. I came to Iowa after completing a Fulbright in the Philippines. Returning to the Philippines, I was able to reconnect with family members and friends while researching climate change impacts on rural bamboo farmers. Transferring my work to the Midwest, I completed my Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis in Environmental & Land Use Planning.
I founded Astig Planning to fuse community organizing techniques with planning frameworks. As a company aligned with a vision toward equity and sustainability, my work has focused on regional planning and community engagement. I have worked with municipalities and counties on comprehensive and master plans and have contributed to the completion of several regional watershed plans, including the English River and Middle Cedar River watershed plans. I am passionate about engaging with people on a range of issues impacting their community, such as stormwater and floods, economic development, racial equity and social justice, and expanding community services. I am a certified yoga teacher and offer classes focused on building community and connecting people.

Consultation Services


A more inclusive and diverse place to live and work leads to a vibrant and innovative world. Astig Planning understands the need to bring our full selves to our work, and in order to do so, there needs to be brave spaces that center diversity and inclusion.

In Strategic Planning+ I offer a strategic planning process that is grounded in a racial equity/gender inclusion framework. I assist organizations/business/non-profits/agencies in developing a strategic plan that will improve team efficiency, communication, and team building.

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