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Strategic Planning+ is an approach to strategic planning that incorporates racial equity & gender inclusion training into the planning process. Oftentimes organizations or agencies are ready to create or revisit their strategic plan while centering inclusion and diversity. How do you do this in a meaningful and transformative way that can strengthen internal relationships (team building, communication) and align intended impacts (e.g. improving access to services, increasing awareness, removing barriers to resources/education) with the programs and projects they currently host or are planning to implement?


Our team has developed Strategic planning + based on our skills and experience in leading Strategic Doing processes and strategic planning sessions to set goals/benchmarks, guided meditation/introspection, providing historical analyses of race/gender, and story-telling. We offer this process as a way to center inclusion and diversity into team building and then reflect and align the mission/vision/actions that organizations are prioritizing in their strategic plan.


Strategic Planning+ is carried out in 4 sessions and include coordination meetings with directors/boards/executive teams. Through our 4 sessions we will cover topics and exercises including...

  • Historical and present context of racism/gender constructs

  • Customized toolkit for collaborative learning

  • Guided meditation exercises

  • Antiracist reflections

  • Mindful Introspection

  • Guidance for next steps & further training recommendations

  • Review of previous plans/activities/policies

  • Internal survey

  • Alignment analysis of core values/mission

  • Prioritized Goal Setting

  • Actionable timeline

  • Final Document

Who Is It For?

Strategic Planning+ is a process that any group can engage in that is looking to carry out a strategic planning process.

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Private sector companies

  • Public sector muncipalities & counties

  • Educational institutions


Why Do It?

There are many reasons to engage in this process, here are a few:

  • To create a strategic plan that centers diversity and inclusion

  • To improve internal group collaboration and dynamics

  • To learn how to create and maintain brave spaces for a diverse range of people 

  • To center diversity and inclusion in team building

  • To develop a plan that will improve team efficiency and communication

What Does It Cost?

We recognize that financial barriers to access are just as real as physical ones. As a company committed to equity and promoting financial accessibility, please contact us to discuss the cost of this process. We want to talk with each organization to understand their specific needs and desires, and also take into consideration the size of the organization and the modality (online or in-person) when assessing the final cost. 

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