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What We Do

We Are Bridge-Builders.

We believe that planning can be a force for positive change in our communities. As a field of practice, planning has a history of enacting policies and procedures that further disadvantage already marginalized communities. Here at Astig Planning, we practice environmental and community planning that acknowledges the resultant barriers and complexities of our society today. In order to serve our communities, we believe in creating plans that build bridges between decision-makers and community members that increase transparency, cultivate action, and deepen trust. 


We believe that a more inclusive and diverse place to live and work leads to a vibrant and innovative world. We understand the need to bring our full selves to our work and in order to do so there needs to be brave spaces that center diversity and inclusion.

In Strategic Planning+ we offer a strategic planning process that is grounded in a racial equity/gender inclusion framework. We assist organizations/business/non-profits/agencies in developing a strategic plan that will improve team efficiency, communication, and team building.


Environmental Justice

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Planning with a Community Resilience Framework

Our approach to environmental and social resilience is informed by stories and voices of local communities, and therefore solutions reflect the unique needs of those communities. We facilitate the planning and implementation process while providing a space and collaboration techniques for institutional partners and people who are historically excluded in planning processes.


Our resilience efforts focus on empowering communities and strengthening networks. For example, we empower flood vulnerable communities to inform the framework, understand flood risks, and plan for the future.

Community Building

Planning as Community Organizers

Our work within communities reflects a commitment to furthering racial equity and social justice. As community organizing planners, we engage in planning efforts that get us out from behind our desks and walk door-to-door, call businesses on the phone, and tape flyers to laundromat walls.


We undertake plans and projects that build or deepen relationships between community members and decision-makers to create lasting change. Our efforts focus on empowering communities by providing educational and training opportunities, facilitating meaningful group discussions, and conducting data-driven community assessments. The following plans and projects highlight the specific skills and experiences we offer.


Geographic Information Services (GIS)

We live in the age of digital information. Infusing our planning strategies with GIS analyses offers visual representations that strengthen our research and bring new information to light. Creating heat maps helps us identify service gaps for historically under-served populations so we can refine our outreach strategies and ensure that decision-makers have a better understanding of the impacts at stake.

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