What We Do

We Plan Because We Care.

Planning can be many things. Most people think of financial planning or wedding planning, which are all great planning endeavors. Here at Astig Planning, we practice environmental and community planning that looks to the future with the facts, experience, and desires of today in order to make a better and brighter tomorrow. 



Realizing that water runoff rarely falls along city and county boundaries, we have engaged in regional watershed planning efforts to improve the natural resources we need to enjoy healthy lives and thriving ecosystems. We believe in fostering rural and urban partnerships to create plans that bridge the divide and generate trust. 

Since 2015, we have worked with community members and leaders to create comprehensive and master plans in order to responsibly grow their towns or envision a project. We provide interactive settings for people to get out of their seats and meaningfully contribute to a plan that will shape their community. Our outreach style is aimed at attending community events, meeting people where they live/work/play, and making sure all of our materials are accessible, whether through translation or readability.



Geographic Information Services (GIS)

We live in the age of digital information. Infusing our planning strategies with GIS analyses offers visual representations that strengthen our research and bring new information to light. Creating heat maps helps us identify service gaps for historically under-served populations so we can refine our outreach strategies and ensure that decision-makers have a better understanding of the impacts at stake.

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