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Welcome to the Iowa Water Dreamscape


lake Cornelia (jessica)

This space is dedicated to reimagining Iowa's waterscape. This page was launched in conjunction with the Iowa Water Conference based on years of conversations with women involved in the Iowa waterscape. We offer resources, storytelling, and opportunities to continue the conversation into action.

This webpage a living a document and we invite you to send us new resources and add your dreams as we continue to co-create in this shared space. 


getting your feet wet

Provided here are links to organizations involved in reimagining Iowa's waterscape. We believe these various organizations share our vision for the potential that Iowa's waterscape possesses and invite your to learn more. 



Iowa Water Conference 2020

Iowa Water Conference 2020

Iowa Water Conference 2020
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Womxn for Water Introduction

Womxn for Water Introduction

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Rai Tokuhisa

Rai Tokuhisa

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Denise O Brien

Denise O Brien

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Pat Boddy

Pat Boddy

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Last year the 2020 Iowa Water Conference was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic but our panelists agreed to record videos of their own stories and dreams of Iowa's waterscape.

Please take a few moments to hear from womxn leaders in Iowa's waterscape.

Story Telling:

wading in the water

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to share your experiences with water and ways in which water has impacted your life. We are interested in learning more about the dreams our community holds for a reimagined Iowa waterscape.


Below this section we will re-post stories or quotes from your submissions. 

Share Your Story

Thanks for submitting!

Your Stories:

"I moved to Iowa almost a decade ago and remember asking someone where I could get in the water and I was told several places where I could kayak. This was disappointing to me as an avid swimmer and beach-lover. I dream of a waterscape where everyone can enjoy getting in the water!" - V (Iowa City)

maquoketa (jessica)

"I have always loved going to various lakes and ponds around the Des Moines area to kayak with my friends and family! Being on the water puts me at peace and allows me to spend quality time in the sun with those I love. Although I have a fear of fish, I occasionally enjoy cooling off in the water as well. These are all activities that I want future generations to continue to enjoy in healthier waterscapes across Iowa."

- Jessica (West Des Moines)

I was born and raised in a suburb of Milwaukee, but spent a lot of my time at my parent's cabin in northern WI along the Michigan border. My wonderful experiences in fishing, swimming, and boating on the Menomonee River are what inspired me to go to college and obtain my Environmental Science degree. After moving to Iowa 7 years ago, it surprised me to hear that it is not recommended to swim in the Cedar River due to its poor water quality. It has always been my dream as a little girl to obtain a career where I can help make a positive impact on water quality, and I am so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to do so. There are many people who do not understand the negative impact they make on our water quality, so it gives me continued strength to keep on fighting for our valuable waterscapes. Being on and near a river gives me an indescribable sense of calm and peace that I hope my son and future generations can continue to enjoy.

- Sarah (Waterloo)


making a splash

iowa river (jessise)


Stay in the conversation and meet new people by networking with other like-minded Iowans in their efforts to reimagine Iowa's waterscape. By clicking the link and sending an email, you will be added to an email list that will periodically be sent information on how to get more involved in the water community!


Host events or learn more about how to create action-oriented advocacy groups in order to spread awareness of the issues surrounding Iowa's waterscape. By clicking the link, you will be sent to our "Advocacy Toolkit" which includes links and templates for ways to continue to advocate for Iowa's waterscapes!

Reach Out

Begin reaching out to local and state policymakers as a way to bring Iowa's waterscape plans to the forefront of agendas. By clicking the link you will be redirected to a website allowing you to find your local legislators in Iowa!


Donate to established organizations that are already putting the work in to protect and create water dreamscapes across Iowa. By clicking the link and sending an email, you will be added to our email list that will periodically be sent organizations to donate to!

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