V has been working in the environmental sector for over a decade. She came to Iowa after completing a Fulbright in the Philippines. Returning to the Philippines, she was able to reconnect with family members and friends while researching climate change impacts on rural bamboo farmers. Transferring her work to the Midwest, she completed her Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis in Environmental & Land Use Planning.


Her work has focused on regional watershed planning and community engagement. She has contributed to the completion of several Iowa watershed plans, including the English River and Middle Cedar watershed plans, and worked with municipalities and counties on comprehensive and master plans. Her regional work includes engaging with community members to discuss stormwater and flood-related challenges and opportunities, as well as rural farmers to share information regarding best management practices and where they can be most effective on the landscape.


She has also been fortunate to engage with community members from diverse Iowa cities, such as West Liberty, one of the oldest Latinx communities in the state. In 2016, she completed their Comprehensive Plan update and was able to provide information on how the city can provide desirable amenities and improve existing infrastructure over the next 10 years. Combining international and regional perspectives, V is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Iowa and teaches a class for undergraduates titled, "Promoting Global Public Health." This class keeps her current on global health issues and she is inspired by the students who will undoubtedly put their talents to making this world more resilient and just.

Certified Floodplain Manager, Association of State Floodplain Managers

Certified Planner, American Planning Association

Chair, Iowa City Housing and Community Development Commission

Board Member, Monsoon Asian and Pacific Islanders in Solidarity

V Fixmer-Oraiz

CEO & Founder

Community & Environmental Planner


Bachelors Degree, Environmental Studies

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Masters Degree, Urban & Regional Planning

University of Iowa