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We are a local small business that truly values the needs of the Johnson County community, especially of those that are frequently undervalued and underrepresented. 

V Fixmer-Oraiz

CEO & Founder

Community & Environmental Planner

Bachelors Degree, Environmental Studies

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Masters Degree, Urban & Regional Planning

University of Iowa


V has been working in the environmental sector for over a decade. She came to Iowa after completing a Fulbright in the Philippines. Returning to the Philippines, she was able to reconnect with family members and friends while researching climate change impacts on rural bamboo farmers. Transferring her work to the Midwest, she completed her Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis in Environmental & Land Use Planning.


Her work has focused on regional watershed planning and community engagement. She has contributed to the completion of several Iowa watershed plans, including the English River and Middle Cedar watershed plans, and worked with municipalities and counties on comprehensive and master plans. Her regional work includes engaging with community members to discuss stormwater and flood-related challenges and opportunities, as well as rural farmers to share information regarding best management practices and where they can be most effective on the landscape.


She has also been fortunate to engage with community members from diverse Iowa cities, such as West Liberty, one of the oldest Latinx communities in the state. In 2016, she completed their Comprehensive Plan update and was able to provide information on how the city can provide desirable amenities and improve existing infrastructure over the next 10 years. Combining international and regional perspectives, V is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Iowa and teaches a class for undergraduates titled, "Promoting Global Public Health." This class keeps her current on global health issues and she is inspired by the students who will undoubtedly put their talents to making this world more resilient and just.

Bachelors Degree, Growth & Structure of Cities

Bryn Mawr College


PhD Candidate, Geographical &

Sustainability Sciences 

University of Iowa

Anticipated 2021

Cristina Muñoz De La Torre

Community Resilience Planner

Cristina brings a science-based understanding of community resilience to environmental and climate hazards to the team. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Geographical & Sustainability Sciences at the University of Iowa. In her research, Cristina analyzes years of federal disaster aid allocations to determine whether socially vulnerable populations affected by flood and hurricane disasters are equitably served.


Valuing both research and practice, Cristina has been involved in local and national efforts to address environmental and climate justice. She advocated with communities in Camden, New Jersey for cleaner energy, conferenced at Power Shift in Washington, DC, and worked with Latina women in rural towns in Nicaragua to reduce environmental pollution. Cristina is a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists and is part of the scientist-community advocacy training program which aims to train traditional experts how to advocate with communities for environmental and climate justice.


Cristina is currently a fellow of the Bill Anderson Fund (BAF), where she has served for two years as chair of the student council and was a board member of the nonprofit. The BAF is the first national organization in the United States whose mission is to increase the representation of Black and Latinx scholars in the academic and professional field of natural hazards and disasters. Cristina enjoys serving with the BAF because it aims to address an underlying inequity in which Black and Latinx communities are overrepresented as victims and survivors of climate disasters but are underrepresented as planners and decision makers in disaster management and the recovery process. 


After work you can find Cristina either volunteering at a local food pantry, congregating at church, or catching-up with her family in Los Angeles.


De La Torre

Bachelors Degree, History

California State University Los Angeles


Masters Degree, History

University of Iowa, Iowa City


Community Organizing Planner

David joined Astig Planning, LLC as a Community Organizing Planner in 2019. He believes that communities are resilient and that an effective planning process is one where their voices are centered and efforts enhanced. That is the perspective he is bringing as a co-lead in the Coralville Flood Resilience Action Plan (FRAP) and other planning projects. 


David has a background in social justice and expertise in organizing. He was the field organizer for the Julián Castro presidential campaign in Iowa City. David has also supported a number of local political, housing, food access, and labor campaigns and worked with organizations in these areas as a community volunteer. As an intern, he assisted workers obtain justice in wage theft cases at the Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa.   


In addition to his formal training in History, David has cultivated an ethos of community engagement from working with people in both urban and rural settings. In 2018, he integrated these values into designing and teaching a course at the University of Iowa where he advised undergraduate students in history research while engaging communities. He has taught art and physical education at an elementary school in a small rural town in Nicaragua and held socratic seminars and after school programs at a high school in Philadelphia. 


David values community expertise, networks, collaborations, and storytelling at the heart of planning. In 2014, he co-founded a community based capacity building organization Bridging South Central Communities in Los Angeles with those values in mind. He now calls Iowa home and loves photography and the occasional canela flavored coffee while working on a collection of short stories and essays. 

Bachelors Degree, Civil Engineering

Centro Universitário UNA


Master's Degree Candidate, 

School of Urban and Regional Planning

University of Iowa

Flavia Hauss

Assistant Planner

Flavia Hauss is a Civil Engineer from Brazil with nine years of experience in project management in the construction sector. She is currently a second-year master’s degree candidate in the School of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Iowa. Her areas of focus are Transportation, Land Use, and Environmental Planning.

As an engineer, she has developed teamwork and communication skills, through active listening, transparent decision-making, and brainstorming sessions. She prioritizes client engagement throughout the planning process in order to achieve their initial expectations and deliver a satisfying set of deliverables. While working for an engineering firm in Brazil, she completed a master’s degree in Environment and Work Safety, which provided her capabilities to address immediate safety issues in the workplace.

She aims to use her experience to help build a community and transportation planning system that is safe, efficient, and sustainable. She believes in the implementation of local environmental plans that meaningfully engage community members and decision-makers, in order to mitigate environmental impacts and meet local regulations. She seeks to help create a society where everyone, regardless of their race, abilities, economic status, or the area they live, can have a healthy and safe environment in which to thrive, while preserving our natural environment.

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