Cristina Muñoz De La Torre

Community Resilience Planner


Bachelors Degree, Growth & Structure of Cities

Bryn Mawr College


PhD Candidate, Geographical & Sustainability Sciences 

University of Iowa

Anticipated 2021

Cristina brings a science-based understanding of community resilience to environmental and climate hazards to the team. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Geographical & Sustainability Sciences at the University of Iowa. In her research, Cristina analyzes years of federal disaster aid allocations to determine whether socially vulnerable populations affected by flood and hurricane disasters are equitably served.


Valuing both research and practice, Cristina has been involved in local and national efforts to address environmental and climate justice. She advocated with communities in Camden, New Jersey for cleaner energy, conferenced at Power Shift in Washington, DC, and worked with Latina women in rural towns in Nicaragua to reduce environmental pollution. Cristina is a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists and is part of the scientist-community advocacy training program which aims to train traditional experts how to advocate with communities for environmental and climate justice.


Cristina is currently a fellow of the Bill Anderson Fund (BAF), where she has served for two years as chair of the student council and was a board member of the nonprofit. The BAF is the first national organization in the United States whose mission is to increase the representation of Black and Latinx scholars in the academic and professional field of natural hazards and disasters. Cristina enjoys serving with the BAF because it aims to address an underlying inequity in which Black and Latinx communities are overrepresented as victims and survivors of climate disasters but are underrepresented as planners and decision makers in disaster management and the recovery process. 


After work you can find Cristina either volunteering at a local food pantry, congregating at church, or catching-up with her family in Los Angeles.



Member, Bill Anderson Fund (BAF) for hazards disaster planning for communities of color

Member, Union of Concerned Scientists